• How To Stop a Scarf from Shedding

    Picture this: You’re wearing the greatest outfit with a scarf to complete it. You look good; you know you look good. So you go inside somewhere and it’s kind of warm. You decide to take your scarf off and…. GAAAAH! There are little fibers all over that great top, because...

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  • Travel Necessities: 3 Scarves You Need on Your Vacation

    If you follow our sister blog, you may already be familiar with our guest this week – the fabulous Gemma from Retro Chick, who writes about fashion with a vintage/retro twist. In this post she explains why it’s important to always leave room for scarves in your suitcase. With spring...

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  • Weekly Blogosphere Roundup

    Weekly Blogosphere Roundup

    It’s 8 January 2010.  I know what you’re all thinking… Happy 75th Birthday, Elvis! Here is the first man to wear a scarf unabashedly. And he made it his signature in his later years, as he occasionally handed out his sweat-drenched scarves to hyperventilating fans during his concerts. Sounds gross....

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