The Layered Look


Hi guys! Layering is my favorite fashion look. I layer everything!!! It’s great because it mixes up any outfit! My favorite item to layer with is denim jackets, button up shirts and scarves! Layering helps add some spunk and personality to your outfit. Scarves are the perfect layering tool! You can get away with wearing a scarf all year long and I think it’s important to have a couple of good scarves to help add some mixture to  your closet. I have about 50 different scarves and I love that I have so many styles and textures to choose from. My favorite scarves are my bright ones! I love adding a pop of color to my outfits. You stand out and who doesn’t like to be bold and make a statement with what they wear?!

Below, I added some of my fav scarves from Go check the website out! They are constantly getting in new styles weekly!

Maddie Geo scarf

Maddie Geo Blanket Scarf


neck scarf

Morgan Neck Scarf in black


solf multi striped scarf

Pauline Soft Multi Stripe Scarf


striped black scarf

Donna Striped Blanket Scarf


metallic scarf

Kimber Metallic Infinity Scarf


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