• Unique Scarves this Season

    Unique Scarves this Season

    Even though you might have items stocked up for winter, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of shopping for the year, especially with the holidays just around the corner. Fresh and exciting creations that bring myriad additional ways to transform your entire look wait to be explored. Fall in love...

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  • Reinvent your Black Scarf

    Reinvent your Black Scarf

    Almost every woman in the world owns a black scarf, and most women often leave this uninspiring item either at the back of their closet or stashed in a corner on the floor of their wardrobe. Dark and mute black scarfs have taken a beating and pushed to the back...

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  • Layer it Right

    Layer it Right

    With fall here, it’s time to get inventive with the layers ladies. Get sartorially creative and bundle up against the cold with fun accessories that complement elemental pieces in your wardrobe. This fall is all about getting the layers down right. Play with colors, mix and match items around to...

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  • Neckerchief


    The neckerchief is usually met with mixed reviews by most women as it remains the ultimate item that bespeaks duality and really brings in an incredibly fashionable androgynous factor. A style borrowed from men or inspired by French women who excel at the art of styling outfits up as minimally...

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  • Fashionable Scarves

    Fashionable Scarves

    Dress for the office or add elegant definitions to evenings out with friends or family, scarves make all this and more possible. Here are a few must-have fashion accessories certain to delight your senses, complement your figure and feature while adding personality.

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  • Tips to Buy Scarves

    Tips to Buy Scarves

    Scarves are amazingly inexpensive ways to add a dollop of lux to your style factor and keep pace with trending fashion styles throughout the year. With a myriad of options to choose from, there are several key factors to keep in mind while buying a scarf. Here are some helpful...

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  • The Bigger the Better

    The Bigger the Better

    A trendy way to wear your scarf this season is to go overboard on the size. The larger the better, wrap up and keep warm and look ever so cool and hip with a bulky and flowing oversized scarf. Tie it up any way your like form the classic and...

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  • Vintage Glam Scarves

    Vintage Glam Scarves

    Fashion is eternal, and is well proven in exquisite patterns and delicately hand stitched or embroidered scarves. Be it modern remakes of vintage glamor pieces, or scarves passed down from generations ago, vintage style is back with a bang. Ideal on block silhouettes, bold and bright prints and patterns of...

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