• Alyssa of Platinum and Penniless

    Alyssa of Platinum and Penniless
    Meet Alyssa from Platinum and Penniless guys!! We love her edgy, trendy look! This fashionista enjoys spending time with her dogs, she loves live music and instagram. We are drooling over how she styled one of our favorites, the Clau dia Silk Scarf with a fringe handbag and denim jacket for a real 90’s girl look! Show Alyssa some love and check her blog for some serious outfit...
  • Style up Evening Wear with a Scarf

    Style up Evening Wear with a Scarf
    Classic and elegant evening wear calls for an extra bit of fashion to make the occasion even more special and memorable. What better way to achieve sweeping style with a delicate, almost gossamer scarf neatly pinned or knotted on a shoulder? A scarf simply draped across your shoulders or even held in place looped around the elbows makes a startling difference to an evening...
  • Ways to Wear and Tie Head Scarves

    Ways to Wear and Tie Head Scarves
    Head scarves have been used for centuries now for both fashion appeal and functional elegance. Worn to keep warm, protect hairdos and hair from hard weather conditions or purely as a fashion statement, head scarves premiered as fashion trends in the early 60s. Iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Katherine and Audrey Hepburn all made scarf styles popular. Head scarves have become more...
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