4 Ways to Tie a Scarf (Sailor Style!)


sailor inspired knots

When it comes to springtime, you can always expect a few things — like drizzly rainstorms, buoyant moods, and nautical-inspired fashions. What better way to express the arrival of spring than with a few nautical scarf knots? We’ve rounded up some sailor scarf styles to help you sail towards warm weather and those delicious park picnics. ;)

Anglers knot

How to tie the Angler’s Knot:

  1. With a long rectangle scarf, start by placing the scarf on the back of your neck.
  2. Bring both sides of the scarf around the front of your neck, and criss-cross them across your chest towards your back again.
  3. Then, you will cross-cross the scarf across the back of your neck once more.
  4. By now, the criss-crossed scarf at the front of your neck has formed two “loops.” Pull one of the loops next to your neck down a bit to loosen it up, and slip the closest end of the scarf through, letting the remainder of the scarf hang down your chest.
  5. Repeat the same on the other side, and you’ve got the “Angler’s Knot!”

Mermaid Loop

How to tie the Mermaid Loop:

  1. You’ll need two scarves for the “Mermaid Loop.”
  2. With your base scarf, fold it in half horizontally, and place the scarf around the back of your neck with a loop on one side.
  3. Pull one of the ends through the loop, twist the loop, and pull the other side through as well. (Similar to the Four-in-Hand.)
  4. Then, place an infinity scarf on top, and you’re good to go!

Fishermans Coil

How to tie the Fisherman’s Coil:

  1. For those days when you don’t want the ends of your scarf billowing in the salty sea breeze, the “Fisherman’s Coil” is the perfect scarf knot. Center a lightweight scarf at the back of your neck, and let the ends hang down the front of your chest.
  2. Loop the scarf once around your neck, so that the loop drapes near the center of your chest.
  3. Starting on one side, wrap one end of the scarf around the loop. Go around and around until you reach the end, and tuck it in.
  4. Repeat for the other side. You should have a coil-like result!

Double Monkey Fist

How to tie the Double Monkey Fist:

  1. And finally, a sophisticated knot with a quirky name. To tie the “Double Monkey Fist,” you will need an infinity scarf.
  2. Start by placing it around your neck, and letting it hang down the front of you.
  3. Then, make a simple knot near your neck (as if you’re wearing a tie!).
  4. With the remainder of the dangling scarf, tie up another knot. That’s it!

And, as always, if you’re looking for countless other ways to tie a scarf, be sure to check out our Master List of Scarf Knots and The Knot Library! Here’s to a breezy spring full of flower buds, strolls on the beach, voyages in the schooner, and scarf-tastic knots. ;)

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