A Timeline: Brad Pitt in Scarves


Are YOU a scarf addict? Brad Pitt sure is! Check out all of his stylish scarf styles throughout the years!

Brad Pitt in Scarves Image 1

Ah, the old days. Brad Pitt with Jennifer Aniston at the “Along Came Polly” premiere back in January 2004.  Brad sported a navy blue knit scarf with a black blazer and navy blue dress shirt underneath. Lookin’ good Brad, and Jen looks happy, too!

Brad Pitt in Scarves Image 2

Brad Pitt, wearing a popped collar  trench coat and simple fleece scarf, walks the streets of New York in December 2006 with new gal pal Angelina Jolie. He wears his scarf loosely from his neck, which creates a laid back, yet sophisticated look.

Brad Pitt in Scarves Image 3

This photo was taken in 2008 when Brad was spotted shopping in NYC and looking rather handsome in a black wool top coat with a white button-up shirt underneath. I gotta say, the black scarf adds the perfect touch to his attire, but I’m not sure if the mustache does!

Brad Pitt in Scarves Image 4

Angelina and Brad attend a photocall in London for the film “Changeling”  in late November 2008. Brad is pictured here with a very thick, and what appears to be warm, dark grey scarf. (Lose the stache Brad!)

Brad Pitt in Scarves Image 5

Brad uses this particular lightweight scarf as a classy looking summertime accessory.The aviators, cream suit and beige scarf all combine for a quite flattering look. (July 2009)

Brad Pitt in Scarves Image 6

In November 2010 Brad rocks a trendy black loop scarf paired with a black blazer for the “Megamind” Premiere. But the black on black look wasn’t the only thing I noticed. Who could miss those tight, leather pants?! Plus, his facial hair is growing.

Brad Pitt in Scarves Image 7

Last, but not least, on the journey through scarves, we found Brad Pitt in a brown scarf. He wears the scarf extravagantly draped across his shoulder.  Now, I thought the mustache was bad, what is up with his wacky looking beard?!

Which scarf do you think looks best on Brad?

And do you like Brad with or without a mustache? (Just wondering if I’m the only one…)

And lastly, is there a guy in your life who could stand to take some style tips from Brad? Check out our men’s scarves for inspiration.

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