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Hi babes! Happy Wednesday! We are getting a little wild today on the blog and talking about different animal prints and when to wear them!

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When to wear animal prints… ALWAYS!

Giraffe print is super cute when you are feeling exotic! Wear a black or brown t shirt and dress your outfit up with a giraffe scarf! Giraffe print is super flirty and looks great on everyone!

Leopard print is just a little different than cheetah print! Cheetah print is more spotty. Leopards, on the other hand, have more complex spots. They tend to look like a black doughnut, horseshoe, or ring of dots. There is usually a brown spot in the center of the black ring. This pattern is probably the most common type of spotted cat used in prints for clothing and accessories.

Cheetah prints are my favorite out of all animal prints, I feel like cheetah will go with anything and everything! If you want to feel sassy and make a statement, then cheetah is your go-to.

Tiger… is fun and playful. A tiger print scarf would be great to wear on those night outs with your special someone, it will def make you stand out in a crowd! Get wild with tiger print!

Zebra has always been in style and one of the top sellers. It goes great with a pop of color. It’s so easy to wear and pair it with an outfit because its black and white.

and last but not least… Snake! Snake print is screaming confident and sexy. Dress to impress with snake print!


One of my favorite prints is cheetah. It’s so feminine and sassy!


 Cheetah Scarf

Until next time… xoxo

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