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Fashionistas love challenges and simply adore the opportunity to bring new feels to everyday outfits. Spice up your wardrobe with an absolute lovely fashion essential to work with during crisp winter days. With the holidays around the corner, give up shying away from head to toe pictures and selfies that really complement your style.

Stand tall and proud in your best outfit combinations heightened with the expert use of a scarf. Here are some top tips to change your look around from one that’s regular run of the mill ordinary, to something that’s off the charts extraordinary and certain to get you noticed this holiday season.


Neutral Basics and Bright Accessories

A fun and delightful way to mix colors and play with the hues and tones of a soft winter palate, scarves lend themselves to be ideal extras. It is important to note that if your top, pullover, or sweater is already color heavy, then avoid using a bright scarf over, as this will make you look body look a bit too busy.

Neutral Basics and Bright Accessories

You want to mix and match. A bit of contrast and punch of life a bright scarf brings to the outfit is immaculate and a subtle way to present and express your style. Use bright colored scarves on earth toned, muted or neutral colors like creams, umbers, blacks, greys and whites, and the like. Match a classic white button down with a deep burgundy or eggplant colored scarf, over cropped cigarette trousers.

Pattern on Plain

Add freshness in bright and bold patterned scarves worn over plain tops. Patterned scarves are big right now, and available in a variety of floral, graphic, abstract, and logo prints.

pattern on plain

Win-win choice every time, mixing up a plain solid pastel or muted colored top with a happy printed scarf that lends its self to the tone of your top is important. Wear this combo with bottoms like skinny jeans, pencil or maxi skirts, or even fitted leather pants.

Pom-pom Scarf on Top

Bring texture and a playful accent to your look with oversized bulky knit pom-pom scarf. Always exciting and inviting, pom-poms are cute additions to any winter outfit. Whether you prefer smaller sized pom-poms to larger ones, make sure you pull on a light colored top under to avoid looking too top heavy.

pompom scarf

Pastel mustard long sleeve jersey top worn with a chunky knit pom-pom scarf and jeans is a hip everyday look.

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