Celeb Style: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Animal Print Scarf for Less


Sarah Jessica Parker looks quite snazzy in her warm earth-tone accessories (barring the cobalt blue, I suppose). I’m not sure how I feel about the rolled up flares, but I’m sure it’s just an iteration of some neo-eighties fashion trend that I don’t understand. Thus, I’ll pass over it. Something I won’t pass over? You guessed it, that saucy animal print scarf of hers.

Grab this look for yourself in our Cheetah Print Safari Scarf, a viscose blended must-have that will round out anyone’s accessory collection. If you’ve been afraid to try an animal print thus far, this is an easy and safe place to start. If you’re not feeling the ‘tude required to rock the look, you can simply take it off and try again when you’re your feeling more..er…’tudeful? ‘tudey? We’ll go with ‘tudey.

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