Creative Ways to Match Scarves and Dresses



Women mostly find themselves at a loss when it comes to pairing scarves with dresses. Let’s leave behind the functional aspect of scarves, and let’s focus on all the many ways it can brighten up and decorate your outfit.

There are several ways you can go about accentuating your look with a scarf. Though for those who are just about discovering the immense versatility that comes with accessorizing your outfit with a scarf, here are a few quick pointers to make pairing scarves with dresses a lot more interesting and fun.

Last Layers Make Lasting Impressions

Perhaps one of the more popular and common ways to wear a scarf is to simply throw it over your shoulders and let the ends hang loose. This look is often used to complete and led that finished polish to liven up a simple dress like a neutral lace or vintage crochet knit dress. Use a print or bold color on a blocks and solids or go bold by mixing a printed dress with a printed scarf. Lightweight scarves work best for this look and make a true and tested fashion statement indeed.

Put a wonderful spin on a classic long white dress with an asymmetrical hem by pairing it with a bright printed scarf.


Wraps are Best

Make your dress pop with a scarf that gently hangs over your shoulders and covers up your arms. A definite way to posh up any style of dress, add that bit of elegance and diva statement with a delicate fabric scarf. Doll up evening wear and steal the show at cocktail or dinner parties or even black tie events with an ever stunning addition with block cashmere, silk, chiffon or satin piece.

silver scarf

Funky Hair Accessory

Hit the cute retro look or exotic bohemian style bang on the head by using a scarf for a hair tie. Lend your dress a fresh twist with scarf used for a head band and tied in a bow. Create a contrasting and chic look with a black and white polka dot scarf that mixes well with a polka dot sweater over a tunic dress. Or tie your scarf like a head wrap with a baby doll dress to exude a more exotic look.

funky hair accessories

Scarf Arm Candy

Add flavor and a refined sense of style by simply tying a scarf either around your wrist, or knotted at the elbow for a glamorous accent to a pleated empire dress.

scarf arm

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