DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Scarf Necklace

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Like any craft-loving, social-media-crazed crafter, Pinterest totally changed my cyber life. Best site since Icanhascheezburger? Who’s with me? ;) A while back I was waltzing through Pinterest pinning cat photos and Ryan Gosling memes when I saw this necklace made of scarves from Anthropologie. I thought it was clever, but not really the type of thing for which I’d pay $148… so time for a DIY.

Original and my DIY:


scarf strip necklace 1
scarf strip necklace 2


How to make a Scarf Necklace

You need:

♥Scarves (I got mine from a thrift store for 1$ each.) I bet this necklace would feel even nicer with silk scarves, though.
♥Serger/Sewing machine with zigzag stitch
♥Needle and Thread

Step 1: Sew the edges of the scarf strips.


serger sewing machine
This, my scarf-tastic friends, is my mom’s serger. This is what I used to make the fun little stitchings on the edges of my scarf strips. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a serger, you can just use a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine and then cut along the edges of the strips of the scarf for the same effect. I would sew the strips about an inch wide, but you can cut the sizes and lengths to taste.

Step 2: Stitch the ends of your strips together.


stitching the ends of the scarf necklace strips
Make a little loop on the end so you can tie it together at different lengths later.


adjusted to fit scarf necklace strips
Step 3: Adjust the scarf strips around your neck to fit and then stitch the other end.


finished DIY scarf necklace
Step 4: Tie a ribbon or scarf strip through the loops around your neck!


DIY scarf necklace


If you need any help, just leave a comment. ;)

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    This post is priceless. Where can I find out more?

    Real Madrid Tröja

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