DIY Easter Decorations


Easter brunch is a time-honored tradition in my home. After the perfectly browned cinnamon roll, the most important element is décor. From the eggs-cellent centerpieces (haha) to the arrangements of Easter Lilies, our house resembles a pastel-colored wonderland that even Martha Stewart would envy.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your Easter décor, look no further. Add a little flair to your table settings, or upgrade from the basic, plastic egg decorations with the following tips.

Scarf Table Runner

Scarf Table Runner

To add a little color to your table arrangements, try pastel-colored table runners. To save yourself time and money, forgo expensive table runners from home good stores and make your own scarf runners. These are especially handy if you have a long or awkwardly sized table.

Toss a large, white cloth over your table and smooth it down so there are no wrinkles. Lay out your scarves so you can identify how many you need for each table — feel free to stick with one color or mix and match within the same color family. Iron your scarves flat, and fasten them to the white tablecloths with double-sided tape. Voila! A pretty pastel table runner. Bonus: the scarves make great gifts for brunch attendees! My Easter picks:

Spring and Summer Scarves

Linen Scarf | Floral Scarf | Cotton Scarf | Floral and Lace Scarf | Pastel Scarf

Check out our collection of scarf decorations for more ideas!


Crepe Paper Carrots


Crepe Paper Carrots

Forget the traditional eggs-in-a-basket centerpiece. Instead, try this colorful and cute display from Martha Stewart. Wrap little trinkets — like beaded bracelets, lollipops, Matchbox cars, lipgloss, etc — in colorful crepe streamers. Wrap the goodies to form a carrot shape, thicker at the top and tapering to a point. Tuck the end of the paper down into the top of the carrot. Put leaves made out of green crepe paper into the top of the carrot and secure with a bit of hot glue. Display your handiness in a pretty basket, and let the kiddos unwrap the treats after brunch.







Easter Egg Garland


This fun decoration from Crafty Endeavor is perfect for adding color to a mantelpiece or glitzing up trees with individual hanging “eggs.” Blow up water balloons to create your egg forms. Then, create a stiffener mixture out of starch and flour. Coil colorful embroidery floss into the mixture and wrap the covered floss around the balloon. Once the eggs dry, pop the balloons to see your finished products. Stack these pretty creations in a bowl, string them together to form a garland, or hang individual eggs in tree branches. This is a great craft to get the kids involved in!


We hope these crafts inspire a little Easter creativity, and if all else fails, enjoy the time with family!

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