Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf: Another Update


sisterhood of the traveling scarf

Well guten-tag, all you scarfaholics out there! We’re back with a little update on our favorite traveling scarf — it’s really been on the move these days! First, the scarf paid a visit to the chic and polished Liz of 26 & Counting— and lemme tell yeh, that girl’s got some mad scarf-tying skills. :)

the scarf on Liz of 26 & Counting

After visiting Liz, the scarf popped on over to Linley of Dwelling and Telling. This girl has totally mastered mixing colors — from pastels to neons, we think Linley would make the perfect shopping buddy. ;)

the scarf on Linley of Dwelling and Telling


♥♥♥And here’s an update on where the scarf has been so far (Click on the images to go to the posts. ;)):

the scarf on Stacie the scarf on SarahH the scarf on Maggie
the scarf on Sarah the scarf on Tieka the scarf on Amy
the scarf on Kelsey the scarf on Liz the scarf on Linley
who's next


We’ll keep you updated! :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday! ♥ ♥ ♥

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