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The days of tassel embellishments only belonging to your grandma’s curtains and pillows are long gone.Tassel accents are all the rage in the fashion world these days, and it’s almost impossible not to notice our fabulous new collection of tassel scarves! Whether you prefer exotic tribal patterns, polka dots, or floral prints, tassels are an eye-catching accent for all scarf lovers out there.


Scarves Dot Net is here to teach you how to make your very own tassel trimmings. Homemade tassels can be incorporated into your most important pieces — handbags, jewelry, shoes, and clothing — for a splash of style. After reading this step-by-step guide, you will be able to create additional tassels to complement your new tassel scarf!

Step 1

You can use many different materials to make a tassel: ribbon, thread, lace, yarn, twine, etc. I am using a basic yarn ball and needlepoint thread for this example. 


Step 2

Cut a rectangle out of a piece of cardboard to match the size of the tassel you desire. I used a Pop-Tarts box. Then cut a slot out of one side of the card that is the width of your pinky finger. 

Cut three small slits in the card to hold the thread. Refer to the black lines that can be seen on the example card.

Pop-Tarts box

Step 3

Place a piece of yarn the size of your hand across the top of the card and insert the yarn into the two top slits for holding purposes. 


Step 4

Next insert the remaining yarn that is still attached to the yarn ball (as well as any additional materials) into the bottom slit. The slit will secure the yarn while you begin to vertically wind the yarn around the card until you reach your desired fullness. 

yarn ball

Step 5

Cut a new piece of yarn and tightly tie that piece around the tassel in the area of the open slot you cut earlier.

piece of yarn

Step 6

Remove the length of yarn from the top slits of the card and tightly tie around the top of the tassel.

length of yarn

Step 7

Horizontally cut the bottom of the card so that the ends of the yarn are the same length.

ends of the yar

Step 8

Finally, pull the top of the tassel off of the card and voilà! You have successfully made a tassel that can be attached to anything and everything.

top of the tassel

unique tassel design

Add extra pizzazz to your tassel by stringing some beads and charms onto a yarn piece and tying a knot at the bottom to secure. Use an array of materials such as yarn, lace, and thread at the same time for a unique tassel design. I plan to tie a few colorful feathers onto the ends of my next tassel for an exotic splash of décor. The point is…get CREATIVE with this easy-to-wear accent!

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