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Comfort and sophistication often mark either extreme of the fashion spectrum. However modern design sensibilities have combined these two integral elements into something fashion designers have come to term sports luxe. Comfortable, casual, sophistication in fashion and design has made hi-fashion looks more adaptable and ready to wear with everyday ensembles that represent current trending styles.

The essential to any sports luxe look is the artful pairing of t-shirts and sweatpants, yet transforming them into something you would wear to an art opening or show, rather than a regular visit to the gym. The secret to great sport luxe ensembles is the ever discreet yet marked extra in the scarf.

Here are a few tips to ace the sports luxe look.

Pairing mains

The key component to any sophisticated casual look is the beauty of the relaxed fit. This doesn’t necessarily equate to pulling on an oversized or baggy pant, rather think easy and relaxed fabrics like jersey or cotton fitted sweatpants enhanced with silk front.

pairing mains

Keep things simple with modernized take on the sweat-pant for everyday use, rather than something you wear when exercising or on a lazy day around the house. Worn with a matching loose fitted jersey top and suede ankle cuff block heels, with a contrasting scarf worn like a turban and you’re set for a day out with friends.

Keep things simple

An important factor when putting together a comfortable look, stylized simplicity is a secret to any sophisticated ensemble, especially one that is inspired by casual wear. Stick to a single color palate, or bring in about two to three colors in at most.

simple things

Leave it to the scarf to make the difference and add that bit of pop in terms of pattern, color and texture, if that’s something you look for to complete your look.

Accentuate your body features

When wearing a relaxed pair of pants, it makes a world of good to have a top that belts at the waist, or add a belt to draw attention to your waist. Alternatively, you could use your scarf as a statement belt to define structure in the cape or loose top worn over your sweatpants.

accentuate body features

Match your outfit with a well-chosen pair of heels, wedge sneakers, heeled ankle booties, or block platform heels are sure winners. Heels heighten level of sophistication in any outfit and can be changed around to make the ensemble event appropriate.

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