From the Photo Studio: 1 Scarf, 3 Uses.


A scarf is so much more than just a rectangle of fabric to wrap around your neck.  Instead of being a one-trick pony, a scarf can be your most versatile accessory.  While you’ve most likely seen the innumerable ways to tie a scarf, let me take this time to introduce you to how to use a scarf in delightfully unexpected ways.

Watch and learn as I take our Monet Floral Scarf… and turn it into three fabulously usable accessories.

A necklace: Use the Monet Floral Scarf as a rosette choker necklace by twisting the scarf and then wrapping it into the shape of a rose.  Use the ends of the scarf to create the “petals”.  This rosette necklace will help add an element of sophisticated drama to your outfit.

A shrug: Wrap the Monet under your arms and tie in the back.  This is a perfect accessory on chilly nights.  Scenario: You’re on a date whilst wearing a dashing dress and your Monet Floral Scarf but there’s a chill in the air.  Do.Not.Panic.  Simply remove the Monet from your neck and wrap into a shrug.  Viola!  Warmth and style.

A Belt: Wrap the Monet around your tummy (leaving the end in the back) and secure with a chic skinny belt.  Pair this look with a jacket for a more complete ensemble and you’re in business, sister.

If florals aren’t your style, grab the Toni or Shannon scarves to achieve these three looks.

Tip for photographers: Don’t limit yourself.  Be curious, experimental, do research and become inspired by it….and then photograph it.

Happy Photographing!

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