How to keep that crinkled scarf look


Jennifer Crinkle Scarf

Crinkly scarves are great. You can throw them on; they look good with almost anything. They’re lightweight and breezy, perfect for summer wearing. But what happens when you spill some of your smoothie on that great crinkly scarf, you wash it and the crinkles come out? Or maybe you aren’t a klutz like I am; maybe the crinkles are just coming undone due to everyday wear. Well don’t fret, there happens to be a simple fix to keeping the look to that scarf you love so dearly.

  • Get your scarf wet. Run it through the wash if it’s machine safe or just get it damp in the sink, either way works.
  • Twist the ends in opposite directions until you can’t twist any longer!
  • Tie both ends in a loose knot.
  • Hang your scarf to dry or throw it in your dryer. When you take it out, untie the knots and untwist your scarf and you will have that crinkled look back and better than ever!

There you have it! And people worry about ironing boards. Pshhhhh.

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