Scarf, Necklace or Both?


Picture this…You’re heading out for a nice evening on the town with some girlfriends.You’ve decided on the perfect outfit, strapped on the stilettos, and now you’re fidgeting through your tower-of-a-jewelry-box. Now this giant box contains cute necklaces your mom gave you for Christmas, stylish bangles of every color, long chain necklaces with creative pendants, and a ring for every occasion. After taking 30 minutes to reminisce about each piece, you decide on the perfect necklace to complement your, “I’m lookin’ kinda good!” attire. After this laboring accessorizing process, you head to the hall closet to grab your coat and BAM! There it is. Your favorite scarf. Now you panic, second guessing every decision you made in the last half-hour. Do I wear just a scarf? Only a necklace? Or more questionably, both?  Was the whole pain-staking, accessorizing, digging through my gigantic tower of lost gems experience worth the trouble when I just could have thrown on a scarf?

Okay, so maybe it’s not that serious. Maybe you don’t own a gigantic tower-of-a -jewelry-box or maybe you hate accessories. And yet maybe, just maybe you have pondered the consequences of rocking that sassy yellow scarf and your pendant necklace. The fact of the matter is that no, this is not a serious dilemma, but it does pose as a completely logical question. Is a scarf and a necklace too much at once?

I say, use it all in moderation. Use a scarf in the place of a necklace or a necklace in place of a scarf. Don’t be afraid to sport a colorful scarf over a simple necklace, but do ask yourself the following:

  • Which accessory do I want to stand out more? Can they complement each other?
  • Am I wearing the scarf because I’m cold or for aesthetics?
  • Will I at any point take off the scarf?

These questions will help you determine how to accessorize appropriately. If you want your vibrant yellow scarf to stand out and spice up the outfit, then stick to a simple necklace.  Avoid long dramatic chains or an equally vibrant colored one. If you have a necklace and scarf that compare favorably in both color and style, without being over-powering, then wear both. If you are rocking the scarf because the weather is cold then don’t worry about matching it with your other accessories. And finally, if you feel that at any point during your outing you may want to remove your scarf, whether hot, sweaty or uncomfortable, then feel free to put more focus into picking a complementary necklace.

Whether you’re scarfing it, necklacing it, or both, strive to invigorate your attire.  Accessorize not ostracize.

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