How to Make a Constellation Scarf


How to Make a Constellation Scarf

When I was in elementary school, we had this amazing thing called “Space Lab.” This gigantic, inflatable planetarium would sit in our gym for a week, and all of the classes took turns going in to learn about galaxies, constellations, and stars. Since then, I’ve always been inspired by space. Since I don’t have the math + science knowledge to do anything real with space, I’ve got quite a collection of space-inspired clothing. ;) (Galaxy scarf, galaxy dress, constellation cardigan — the list goes on and on.)

space-inspired clothing

Embroidery | Pillows | Star Chart

make a constellation scarf

To make a constellation scarf, you need:

A black infinity scarf like the Dylan
-White embroidery floss
-Heat set rhinestones or silver beads (for the stars!)

Step 1

To begin, I looked at my little star chart and made running stitch outlines of each of the constellations. It’s just like drawing, but with a needle and thread. :)

running stitch outlines

Step 2

Then, I used some crystals and a heat setting tool to add the stars. You can also stitch little beads in place of the stars, but I think the heat setting tool is really fun.

stitch little beads

And that’s it!

constellation scarf 1constellation scarf

I wore this scarf on a little Sunday afternoon stroll around New York to get groceries, finish tiny errands, and smell the spring flowers in the park. I love that even though it’s dark in color, it’s a lightweight scarf with an awesome design that I can wear year-round!

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