How to Tie a Scarf: Maiden Braid


DIY challenge; the knot

From halter tops to galaxy scarves, the SDN gals can’t get enough of crafty, creative, and innovative ways to use (and reuse) our favorite accessory. That’s why we’re beyond thrilled to bring you our latest series: The Scarves Dot Net DIY Challenge.

how to tie the maiden braid

Needless to say, we’re fawning over this head scarf knot from Stephanie of Henry Happened — so simple and yet so completely adorable! Try it out in your own hair by following the steps below.

steps 1 maiden braid

Step 1: With your hair separated into two sections, center a skinny scarf (we used this one) at the back of your neck. Using half of the scarf, braid one section of your hair.

how to tie a maiden braid step 3

Step 2: Braid the rest of your hair with the remaining section of the scarf.

how to tie a maiden braid step 4

Step 3: Bring both braids to the top of your head and secure with bobby pins.

maiden braid final front

maiden braid final side

Thanks again to Stephanie of Henry Happened for adding this pretty little updo to our Knot Library!

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