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Need a chic and breezy top for a summer soiree? Pair your favorite espadrilles with this scarf halter top for an effortless, warm-weather look!

knotlibrary 31 Step 1: Take a large scarf or wrap and hold it length-wise across your back near your shoulder blades — similar to how you’d hold a towel you’re about to wrap up in.
knotlibrary 30 Step 2: Bring the two ends to your front and cross them at your chest.
knotlibrary 29 Step 3: Cross the ends again at your chest.
fendi_rose-6 Step 4: Bring the ends of the scarf around to the back of your neck and tie a simple knot — make sure it’s secure!

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  • by Stephanie Mullins

    Oh my goodness!! I’ve seen this, but never could figure it out. Love it and trying it TOO.DAY.

  • by Z

    So cute I’m def gonna try

  • by Lillian

    super cute! I’m definitely going to try this :)

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