Inside the Photo Studio: 6 Scarves, 6 Looks, 6 Days of Travel; Sara Goes to Ireland (Part 2)


I’m back with more pictures to share from my scarftastic Irish adventure.  If you missed part one, catch up.

Next stop, Dingle.

The trip to Dingle from Kinsale was filled with adventure.  We saw hills, beaches, an Irish car crash, and hopped on a fairy ride for a two hour detour.  It was a day of excitement, but it was also a long day in the car.  Thankfully, I brought my Glam Rock Necklace Scarf to help liven up my boring, albeit, comfortable travel clothes.  This scarf is perfect for traveling…in car or on boat.  And thankfully it’s lightweight so I was able to enjoy a sunny and stylish day aboard the Harbour Queen.

The next day we spent exploring Dingle.

Dingle is a beautiful town.  There’s so much to explore…and what better way to do it than by horseback.  In true jockey fashion (sarcasm), I wrapped my Cara Lightweight Pashmina around my waist, tied it in the back, and paired with a jacket.  This look was very comfortable while we were riding and it transitioned easily to a look suitable for a night on the Dingle town.

Come back tomorrow for the third and final part of my Irish adventures.

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