Moth Damage: Save Your Scarves from Moths


Moths damage protein fibers left untouched for a lengthily period of time. The most significant harm can be seen on items stored containing food and body odors like sweaters and other wool garments, scarves in particular. Typically damage occurs when an item is worn and put away for the season without being laundered.

If moths do reach a scarf, place it into a freezer for approximately 48 hours.  Next, leave the scarf in a warm environment for approximately 12 hours, such as a locked car under direct sunlight. Last, store it back in the freezer for an additional 12 hours. This fluctuation between hot and cold functions to kill moths, larvae or eggs.

If your scarf is going to be stored for a significant amount of time and you’ve dealt with moth damage in past, store it in a sealed Ziploc bag to protect it from moths until the next season of wear.

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