Project: Time Capsule 2012!


Hi, scarf lovers!!

How is 2012 treating you?? We’re loving it so far at the Scarves Dot Net HQ, and we want to keep the love alive by creating a 2012 Time Capsule!

I know, I know… it’s still pretty early in the year, but there’s a lot that we want to remember! We’re putting together our own internet time capsule of things we’re currently obsessing over, from celeb crushes to our favorite websites. We’re also doing this to help us remember what Scarves Dot Net was like at the beginning of 2012 — because big change is a comin’!

Hurry and check out what we’re throwing in, because we’re about to bury it — for five years! (Once the ground unfreezes a bit…)


Time Capsule 2012


Internet trends

How many times has Facebook changed since you signed up? I know I can’t count, so I’m including a screenshot of my Facebook page in the time capsule. It’ll be pretty cool in five years to look back and say, “Whoa, I totally remember when they launched Timeline! It seems like so long ago…” I’ve also thrown in “New New Twitter,” and our beloved and homepages. ♥

SEO Ryan Gosling

  • Maggie V is crazy for SEO Ryan Gosling. Actually, we all are!!
  • Maggie T is showing off the new Facebook timeline. What will it look like this time next year?
  • Molly’s loving Atlantic Pacific, and of course, fashion mags!


  • Sarah H is showing off her super cute, super cool blog,
  • Stacie loves a lot of things, and some of them are her blog Stars for Streetlights,, and the adorable Zooey Deschanel (and today is Zooey’s birthday!!!).
  • And Maggie still can’t stop photobombing ;)


Current Celeb Crushes

Since we’re knee-deep in fashion trends all day, every day, you better believe we’ve got some serious celeb crushes around here. To help us remember, we’re adding these to the time capsule too!

  • Sarah T is in loooooove with David Beckham (always has been).
  • Maggie jonses for Jon Hamm.
  • Stacie has a sweet spot for Alexander Skarsgard.

(Yes, we have two Sarah’s, and two Maggie’s. And we all get along!)

We’re going to keep it underground for five years. How do you think things will change??

Current Celeb Crushes

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