Scarf To Poncho DIY


One trend to keep an eye on this fall is ponchos. They’re so versatile: you can dress them up with accessories like scarves and belts, or you can wear them as they come. Another benefit to ponchos being versatile is that you can easily make your own. Any spare fabric around the house, whether it be an old tablecloth, spare fabric bits, even old scarves, can be turned in a fabulous boho-chic style poncho.

Inspired by the gorgeous DIY scarf poncho  from Tiffany over at A Reason to be Fabulous, we set out to make our own DIY poncho out of one of our leopard print wraps.

Though your scarf doesn’t have to be square in shape, it will make the poncho turn out more even. You can either cut your scarf to make a square, or fold your scarf in half to form a square, and sew up the loose ends.

With your scarf in square form, fold one end to the other to make a triangle, then repeat to make another triangle. Cut a small hole in the top, opposite of the loose ends. Tiffany suggests, “cut smaller than you think you’ll need, because the hole will inevitably still come out larger than necessary.”

All that’s left to do is unfold your new homemade poncho and wear it! Accessorize like Tiffany with a skinny belt, or come up with something creative ideas of your own. Maybe a scarf belt over a scarf poncho?

If you really love the poncho trend but either don’t have the time to make one, or don’t deem yourself a crafting goddess just yet, you can check out our Laurene V Neck Poncho—it’s only $6.95!! Hurry though, before they all get snagged up.

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