Adrien Brody as Salvador Dalí


Just because you haven’t seen Adrien Brody billed much at the box office lately doesn’t mean he’s not working. For example, in the past year alone, he’s released three indie films: “The Experiment” (2010), “Wrecked” (2011) and “Detachment” (2011). But if you’ve been missing him lately and his buddy Owen Wilson, you should check out both in Woody Allen’s latest film, “Midnight In Paris.”

With a star-studded cast that also includes Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams, Kurt Fuller and Mimi Kennedy, “Midnight In Paris” has been reported as Woody’s highest grossing film to date. Adrien makes a cameo as the artist Salvador Dalí.

Currently, imdb says Adrien is “in production” for “Waco,” about the Waco controversy in 1993, but Desi Hits! suggests that he might also have a new collab in the works. Writer Neha Bhatt reports that Adrien and actor/producer Saif Ali Khan “bonded at the Cannes film festival this year” and “met again in Paris [in June]…to attend a party hosted by an international watch brand.”

A supposedly reliable, anonymous source says “the two had an intellectual discussion on Indian and international films” and want to make a film that Saif would produce. No word on where that brainchild is headed but here’s a photo of Adrien back in May for a Memorial Day get-together.

It still might be ninety degrees outside but it’s not too early to start thinking about your fall wardobe! Check out our version of Adrien’s plaid pashmina today.


photo credit: Bonjour Paris, newsdrome,

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