Scarf Uses: 8 More Ways to Use Your Scarf


Scarves can serve as more than a useful and stylish accessory. With the right know-how, you can put your favorite scarf to work as a home decor power player.

Follow along below for ways to turn your scarf into a multipurpose work of art.

  • Table Runner. Drape a clean, long, rectangular scarf over a dining table length-wise.
  • Throw Pillows. Fold a scarf to a pillow-size and shape, and use color-coordinating needle and thread to hand-stitch a throw pillow cover. For those who are sewing-challenged, you can simply wrap the pillow for an equally chic effect.
  • Quilt. Sew old scarves together to create a useful and colorful blanket.
  • Wall Art. In an interesting frame, showcase a smaller scarf or a section of a larger scarf.
  • Table Top. Spruce-up your coffee-table top using a scarf and a sized piece of plexiglass.
  • Drapery Ties. Look for two skinny scarves to match your window treatments and use them to decoratively tie back your drapes.
  • Curtain Valance. Display a colorful scarf as a unique window valance.
  • Liner. Use a piece of an old, holey scarf to line your jewelry box.

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