The Bigger the Better


A trendy way to wear your scarf this season is to go overboard on the size. The larger the better, wrap up and keep warm and look ever so cool and hip with a bulky and flowing oversized scarf.

Tie it up any way your like form the classic and easy loop to loosely strung gypsy knot or even the funky pretzel tie, or even adorable pussy cat bow, oversized scarves have plenty room for play and make for great utility styling this season. Here are a few winning must-try looks for the season.

Patterned print scarves

patterned prints

Pick a great pattern to offset every day jeans and pullover silhouette. Try tribal motifs in large and over embellished bold colors, or stick to funky geometric inspired patterned prints. Take your regular style and transform it to one that oozes charm with a simple addition in a large looped scarf.

Wear it with almost anything, but looks exceptionally cool thrown over all black or monochrome jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket combo.


Darling with dangling trim, fringe scarves are oodles of fun that emphasize hip and creative styled looks. Bring loads of texture and play with lovely soft feel and glorious length that allows for a number of inventive ways to wrap and tie this big and long wonderful accessory around.

An easy and simple fit to any sort of style or outfit, the fringe is great for day wear over long sleeve pullover or sweater top and jeans, or equally fabulous as an accompaniment to evening dress or dinner ensemble.

Yarn! That’s cool

Out of this world comfortable and just grand on any and everything you could possibly wear this winter, circle scarves in yarn is the thing to have this season. Make it your favorite accessory this season with cool and shimmer-ridden options available for glamour girls. Match with printed shirt, leather biker jacket, skinny jeans, and a clutch and you’re good to go.

Large knit

large knit

What more could you ask for than a bulky scarf further accentuated by a large knit. Look like a glamor diva and add color and pop to any ensemble with a pastel toned large oversized knit scarf.

Loosely wrapped around the neck and worn over thick wool knit parka over skinny jeans paired with t-strap heels or knee high boots, and you have a cool rendition of fabulous street chic style.


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