Vintage Glam Scarves


Fashion is eternal, and is well proven in exquisite patterns and delicately hand stitched or embroidered scarves. Be it modern remakes of vintage glamor pieces, or scarves passed down from generations ago, vintage style is back with a bang. Ideal on block silhouettes, bold and bright prints and patterns of vintage inspired art make extraordinary options to add that certain pizazz and elegance to any look.

Get unique, hip and chic with vintage scarves that add a neat and individual splash of color and design to your outfit.


Several vintage scarves are inspired by the art of the times with amazing renditions of popular paintings or embellished with motif and deigns in patterned whorls. These make magnificent additions to any type of dress or top and bottom combo.

vintage scarves

Look incredibly chic with a vintage scarf hung around the neck with ends hanging in the front secured by another scarf used as a belt. This look is great on any dress and exudes glamor when worn on skirts.


Delicate with intricate hand work make gorgeous vintage scarves all the more appealing to wear. Add a definite charm to modern ensembles with embroidered pieces that instantly heighten style along with being utilitarian during winter and cool summers as well.

Wear an embroidered over a sheer blouse and fitted or palazzo pants, or even a pencil skirt. Loop one over classic pair of harem pants with loose shirt for a laid back and relaxed look.

Whimsical prints

 whimsical prints

The beauty about vintage scarves is the absolute freedom to style they allow. Up the fun and funky factor of every day wear with muted colors matched with obscure motifs and prints mirror kaleidoscopic images that make eclectic patterns.


Bring solids silhouettes alive with a colorful and exhilarated addition in whimsical piece de resistance scarves that are bound to fetch second takes and admired glances. Mix a glorious piece on a print dress to create an undeniable trendy street look.


Classic and ever so darling is the beaded scarf. Expertly placed and woven into the fabric, beaded scarves add glamor to any look and are ideal additions to party ensembles or even to dinner dates.

Worn on a simple tee shirt and jeans combo, beaded scarves look incredibly beautiful with playful renditions of beads added at random or incorporated within knit weaves. Wear it on absolutely any style of dress or use as an accent tied around the waist.

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