The Ever Flexible Scarf


Scarves are probably the best and most versatile accessory in women’s fashion. This simple and unassuming item can easily be transformed into a number of outfit accompaniments.

A few quick twirls and you have a statement-making and attention-grabbing turban. You can also improvise it to make a fetching dress or skirt or use it just as it is to mix and match and reinvent your look.

It’s all about the printed scarf—the veritable eye candy accessory for this season. Multi-function is the name of the scarf game. Looped, knitted, plaited, or twisted, the scarf brings a multitude of style and shape shifting elements to any ensemble.



Braided and worn as a headband, a light chiffon scarf can really transform your appearance and give you the look of another worldly creature of beauty and allure.


Style it yourself

Be your own personal stylist and add a unique touch to your outfit by simply tweaking a bit of fabric to morph into your indigenous fashion statement. Create your own rendition of a blouse, wrap dress or sarong skirt, or even a Greco toga look with a scarf.

Color Fab

Multicolor, prismatic, and psychedelic prints and patterns overcome mundane and regular looks with an infusion of lively and brilliant colors.

Marvelous Motifs

Tribal monograms with fresh and funky modern accents will boost your look to elegant bohemian chic street-ready wears that scream hip and cool.

Flower Power

Large and ornate flower prints in peonies and floral motifs will keep your body warm and bring a natural flush to your cheeks and a knowing smile to your lips. Charmingly cute, flower motifs in scarves add that hint of soft and becoming to every look.

Improvised Style

scarf styles

Women who love the lightness of gossamer and silky fabrics can really accent their body and form with the delicate twist of a scarf. A majority of the allure in a scarf is how you wear the flexible item.

Get subversive and turn a silk scarf into a halter top or a new wave styled look that simply involves twirling the scarf loosely around the neck to end in a neat double knot in the center or to the side—whichever you prefer—leaving short tails.

Express yourself through extensions of personality found in the many flexible choices that scarves have to offer every woman’s wardrobe and sensibilities.

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