Trendy Scarf Ideas for Spring!


It’s that time of year when the winter wardrobe is packed away and the spring attire takes center stage in your closet. Don’t make the mistake of packing away your scarves, though! We share ways to make the transition to spring!

1. The Perfect Belt

A scarf can make the perfect accent to either a nice pair of jeans or a classy evening gown. Our wide variety of skinny scarves will easily slip through your belt loops to add a spice of color to your attire. Or perhaps, as Anne Hathaway demonstrates, the scarf can be wrapped around your waist to give you the coveted hourglass figure.


2. The Flawless Shawl

A shawl has a myriad of uses. There, of course, is the typical use of a shawl as Angelina Jolie demonstrates beautifully. For another idea, how about using a shawl as a cover up while you’re out on the beach? This simple scarf could give your trendy beach attire some flair!

3. The Timeless Hair Accessory

Head scarves are a perfect way to tame those fly-away hairs on a spring day outside.  For another style, tie a skinny scarf around your ponytail to give you some extra pizazz! Instead of an elastic hair accessory, a scarf can add color and variety to your hair style. Blake Lively excellently demonstrates how a scarf can be mixed between a headband and a hair tie!

blake liveley with scarf as headtie

4. The Business Accessory

For another trendy look,  use your scarf to accessorize your professional outfit! A neck scarf can be wrapped under a nice collared shirt or looped around your neck. As Janelle Monae demonstrates in the photo below, this style can give your outfit a sophisticated edge. For a similar look, check out the Jill Print Scarf .

These are just a few ideas of how to stylishly wear your scarf this spring!

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