Dancing with the Stars…and Scarves!


Last week was the premiere of of “Dancing with the Stars” season 12. Once again we can watch our favorite celebrities gliding about gracefully or shaking it flamboyantly on the dance floor – always in some over-the-top dancewear!

I fully admit it: the sparkly outfits are half the reason I love to watch!  Whether elegant and flowing for a waltz, funky and fun for a jive, or fringed and sassy for a Latin dance, the designers do a great job coming up with some glamorous dance dress for the couples every week.

I’m not sure I could pull off the looks that the stars do on the show, but I do know I love the bright colors and the glitter!  But why should such fabulous fashion be only for dance competitions?  In fact, why not pick out a scarf inspired by your favorite DWTS outfit?  Check out some of these shimmery look-alike scarves:

I loved Disney Channel princess Chelsea Kane‘s performance, and her delicate and diaphanous white gown.  To get that elegance for everyday, I’d choose our classic silk scarf in white!

The judges said Wendy Williams didn’t bring out her personality enough in her dance, but her gold dress sure did!  Our new Caitlin Evening Scarf is fit for a diva and perfect for a night out dancing!

Reality star Kendra Wilkinson‘s cha cha had spunk, and her sparkly blue dress was sassy and cute as well — just like the Hilary Sequin Scarf!

Kirstie Alley was back in black, and got one of the highest scores of the night!  If you’re looking to shimmer and shine like Kirstie, have a look at the Carol Evening Shawl.  It’ll have Bruno saying “FABULOUS, darling!”

Don’t forget, the first elimination is happening tonight on ABC at 9/8c.  Who else out there can’t wait for the dances and the fashion we’ll see on this season of “Dancing with the Stars”?

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