Ways to Wear and Tie Head Scarves


head scarves

Head scarves have been used for centuries now for both fashion appeal and functional elegance. Worn to keep warm, protect hairdos and hair from hard weather conditions or purely as a fashion statement, head scarves premiered as fashion trends in the early 60s. Iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Katherine and Audrey Hepburn all made scarf styles popular.

Head scarves have become more than just fashion statements, however. They have become ways of self-expression, particularly for those who have gone through medical treatments that resulted in hair loss. Scarves have become an 

Side Twist Knot

side twist knot scarf

Compliment your fleece maxi skirt and blouse with an urban chic take on head scarf done in the twist and knotted side bun. Simply place a loop scarf like a hood over your head and bring the ends in the back low to one side of your neck, twist the scarf neatly and tightly till the bottom leaving a little bit of a loop just before the end. Coil the twisted length of scarf on itself to make a bun and then use the loop to wrap around and secure the bun.

Try this style with maxi printed long sleeve Georgette dress, and cut out heeled leather sandals.


turban scarf

A statement in itself, the turban look is a definite head turner. Add that bit of eastern charm to western ensembles with a simple knot and twist in the turban look. Best with a long rectangular or oblong scarf, center and wrap around the forehead bringing the ends to the back of your head, make a knot at the nape of the neck and bring the ends to the front and crisscross the ends working them to back of the head again, and finish by tucking in the ends.

Wear it with a caftan dress or jazz up regular skinny jeans and sweatshirt or pullover combination.

Side Scarf

side scarf

Try the style with almost any outfit to bring in an absolute wow factor. Center a long rectangle or oblong light weight scarf over the head and bring the ends back behind the head. Tie the ends in a knot at the nape, twist each side and bring to the forehead and make a knot at one side. Wrap the twisted ends around each other and tuck them under the knot, leave the ends to dangle.

Wear the style with a maxi Paige dress under a denim jacket and over coat paired with wedge strap sandals for the ultimate day look.

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