Ways To Wear White Shorts


ways to wear white shorts

Okay, who doesn’t love white shorts? They are so fun and easy to dress up, there’s endless ways on how to style them, so don’t hide them in the back of the closet! Dress this season in style with a taste of Scarves.net’s favorites. Thank you polyvore!

Navy Summer

ways to wear navy scarves

Casual walks in the park are my personal favorite, maybe even a starbucks iced coffee to keep me cool… Okay not maybe, most likey, indeed. A girl needs her coffee! Check out our Navy Tassel Scarf (as shown.)

“Pretty in Pink”

ways to wear pink scarves

Pink, pink, you… Smell sweet. Now, I don’t know about you but whoever said pink stinks is wrong!  You can’t disagree this outfit isn’t on point and perfect for this season.

White Night Out

ways to wear white scarves

Shorts don’t always have to be just casual, make it a little fun and spontaneous for evening events.

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