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For those of you who aren’t familiar with normcore, it is the latest trending term to describe “normal” way to dress. Sure, we all know it as the everyday jeans and a t-shirt look, though with the fast pace that fashion trends run on, this too has been uplifted to new and dazzling heights of glamour and ‘it’ chicness that is simply a must do.
casual normcore

The new causal or ‘normcore’ is a trending, hip, street chic and effortless look that women pride themselves in. Sure, the trend is based on the most regular items on the planet, but when paired with the right accessories and worn with the right attitude, you will come to own this hip street vibe.

It’s all in the basics

No matter what your classic combination, mix basic elements in your wardrobe with scarves that contrast or match your outfit. Be it the typical white button down on dark blue jeans, or more current faded black skinny jeans worn with ash or charcoal grey tees worn with black sneakers accented with a graded grey to black blended scarf is a cool and chic way to own the normcore look.

black bended scarf

Throw on a beanie or wear another scarf wrapped around your head in a turban to add a bit of oomph to your look.

What’s it all about

The normcore look is all about being trendy and fashionable, though in a way that you meld in with the crowd. It’s about dialing down the personality, though without giving up individuality all together.

black beanie scarf

Far from being generic, this style trend encourages individual expression and creativity. It’s often more challenging to express your individuality and add that bit of flare and twist to everyday looks. This is where the scarf becomes your best friend as it can make an easy and stylish look without much fuss.

Minus the mess

Dressing casual is not about coming across as messy and unkempt. True everyday style takes a bit of thought and it a certain amount of taste. Look cool and suave in a simple pair of distressed jeans worn with ankle high boots and a basic tee complemented with a bold graphic scarf.bold graphic scarf

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