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Shopping for scarves is always fun, though at times, it must get a little bit of a frazzling experience with so many beautiful choices in color and pattern available. Where do you begin and how do you single out a scarf that suits your personal style and complements your skin tone best.

Choosing the right scarf to match your skin tone is treading a delicate balance between a complete hit and potentially epic fail. Avoid disaster and spending money on an accessory you will barely come to use after a slight remark made by a friend or colleague. Here are some cool tips to discovering the absolutely best color scarf to bring out the best in you.
Olive tones

Generally olive skin tones look ravishing in warm color tones. Soft reds and earth tones complement your skin and accentuate your natural features. Floral prints, either big and bold or minute and dainty printed scarves make for delightful additions to your wardrobe.

olive tones scarf

Come alive in scarves that represent nature at her best in shades from deep purples to somber yellows. Experiment with intensities and shades of orange and lavender as base scarf colors. Apricot undertones in scarves will emphasize and flatter your natural tone, much like softer additions in muted pinks and shades of yellow.

For light tones

Light skin tones are some of the easiest tones to work with when accessorizing. It’s like working with a blank canvas.

Women with light skins can wear almost any color scarf and get away with it. However, if you’re looking to match things correctly, the best color accents to suit your tone include shades that tend toward neutral colors.

light tones scarf

Light pinks, beige, nudes and basic and bold shades of neutrals like black are definite winners. Bold prints in either abstract, graphic, or floral designs make for wonderful pairing combinations as well.

Ebony tones

Women with darker skin tones look gorgeous in shades that stem from wither extreme of the color spectrum. Go for really intense and deep darker tones to complement your smoky complexion, or opt for lighter beiges, khaki or camel tones to highlight and feature your palate.

ebony tones scarf

A mix of patterns and highlights of colors thrown in create an alluring and instantly stylish look. Play with a range of soft and light shades to deep and bold colors.

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