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date dress ideasEver feel at a loss without the slightest idea on how to dress up for a date? A gut wrenching time for any woman on a first date, possibly with the man of her dreams, how do you actually being to pull a look together? A lot of women of course choose an outfit based on the place of your date. You would be certain to dress differently to a fancy fine dine restaurant than if you were to watch a movie.

For those women who find themselves at a complete loss when picking out a look to wear to a hot date. Here are some easy and quick tips to using a scarf to add that charm and elegance to your outfit, or rescue a dress that just doesn’t seem to look right.


Reasons to wear a scarf

Scarves are incredibly trending accessories that completely transform outfits. The ability to change a look around is undeniably handy. In a matter of seconds you can highlight and accentuate a dress to one that is chic and elegant.

wear a scarf

Reveal your style the way you deem fit. If somehow you don’t feel like wearing a bulky jacket to over your outfit, then a simple sweater or cardigan worn with a scarf is a more alluring option.

During summer when the evenings tend to get a little crisp and nippy, scarves come in handy and keep you warm and brighten up your look as well.

Ways to wear a scarf on a date

Since its winter, jackets or trenches are a must. Avoid letting the baggy look of a trench dictate your first impression. Use a scarf for a belt over your trench coat to accentuate your waist and lend shape and style to an otherwise unappealing look.

scarf on a date

Alternatively emphasize your features and introduce femininity to a simple basic sleeveless sheath dress by tying a scarf under your bust. A cute and alluring way to make a statement and express your style, scarves make for ready outfit enhancers in a matter of seconds.

Simply let your scarf hang loose in the front or over your shoulders in the back to create a hip and stylish look. Wear this style over a jumpsuit or an A line dress or pencil skirt and blouse combo.

The ruffle neck style of wearing a scarf is yet another way to add an elegant accent to a dress.

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