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We have something a little different for you today, my friends. As scarf-aficionados, we are all well-aware of the versatility of our favorite accessory, but we might not have spent much time thinking about where our loves of scarves originates. Sure, for those history buffs out there, there are resources like our timeline on the history of scarves,  but most of us will look closer to home for answers.  From where does your love of fashion come? You might remember a family member from your childhood who inspired your fashion savvy, or a certain celebrity who just recently moved you to experiment with your look. Some of you might not even remember a time when you weren’t in love with fashion.

For guest blogger Ryan Tom, an internet marketer who represents RC helicopters, the cartoons he watched as a child were his inspiration. Ryan recently contacted us wanting to write a guest post about famous cartoon characters who have made scarf-wearing their own. Check out his top four scarf-wearing ‘toons.

There are many cartoon characters out there that are always shown wearing a pretty cool scarf. What are the best ones, and why do they wear them?

Dick Dastardly

muttleyYou might recognize this character from Wacky Races or Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines – he is one of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera’s most famous creations, along with his partner-in-crime, Muttley. Dick can be seen in Wacky Races wearing very old-fashioned racing gear: a long blue or purple overcoat, long red gloves, the famous hat, and of course, a red scarf. The scarf is thrown on in various episodes to add to the traditional “driving” look, and even Muttley sometimes wears a scarf when helping Dick navigate. Unfortunately, every single scheme that the aptly-named Dastardly attempts with Muttley always fails, and he actually never technically wins the race.

Rupert The Bear

rupert the bear with scarfRupert has been around since 1920 and is still going strong, with a Rupert annual produced every single year since. Rupert is always seen in a red jumper and yellow trousers with a bright yellow scarf wrapped around him. Several television shows have been made around the character, and although not as popular as he once was, Rupert has inspired books and even video games.

Daphne Blake

Daphne has to be the most famous on this list of scarf-wearing ‘toons,  and according to Scooby Doo fans, she is the third most-liked character in the franchise, second, of course, to Shaggy and Scooby. Daphne is always seen wearing her purple dress with a green scarf, and in the earlier seasons she was always the one being captured by the bad guys. In some of the later seasons and the movies, she is portrayed in a better light, becoming a bit less clumsy and almost matching Velma in coming up with ideas.

Penelope Pitstop

Another character from the Wacky Races franchise, Penelope Pitstop is the only girl in the entire series. She wears a bright pink racing uniform with white gloves, finishing off the outfit with a purple scarf. Joseph Barbera thought that it would be a great idea to include a girl in the line up for the show, and the character and car were put together in just a couple of hours.

So there you have it, some of the greatest scarf-wearing ‘toons of all time!

Can you think of any other famous characters from books and television who rocked a scarf? Who is your fashion inspiration? Let us know!

Image Credit: news.bbc.co.uk, metsmerizedonline.com, teddybearhugs.co.uk, wikipedia.com, comedy-zone.net

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