Celeb Style: Justin Bieber’s Green Scarf Style



With his seemingly sudden pop culture stardom, it seems fair to put Justin Bieber on our list for eye popping style and garment grab appeal.

Now, our NYC Crinkle Scarf is something that can be worn by guy or gal and is available in an array of delicious shades (green, sky blue, pink, black, yellow, orange, light purple, teal, and cream).  Kind of like candy for your wardrobe, eh?

Now I’m making myself hungry. Moving on.

Seriously though, the best thing about this scarf is its extreme versatility. Since it’s solid in color and so lightweight it can be worn with almost anything. My last tip? You should probably buy two or three because the NYC Crinkle is only $9.95…

Photo credit: Fanpop.com

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