What Scarf Material Makes You Swoon?


When I wear a scarf, I want to be comfortable.  I don’t want a scratchy, heavy, and hot scarf draping around my neck while I’m trying to look my best.  If it’s scratchy, my neck gets red and itches. If it’s heavy, I feel like I’m choking. If it’s hot, I’m sweating like a pig!

I just want to be comfortable and rock the cute new embellished scarves everyone is raving about! So I took it upon myself, assuming I’m not the only person out there that loves to wear scarves without the pain, to determine the most COMFORTABLE and affordable fabrics roaming the streets…

  • 100% Jersey – You know, the comfy cotton!? This stretchy and baby-soft cotton is very breathable and light.  Now it’s not the lightest or the most breathable, but very comfortable. When embellished, this style of scarf stands out without resulting in an itchy neck!
  • Cashmere – Oh, the infamous, ritzy word…cashmere…just sounds elegant doesn’t it? This fabric, my friends, is by far the most lightweight and breathable I’ve found.  It gets softer with time and doesn’t weigh you down.  Expensive it may be, but worthy of ownership, indeed!
  • Silk – Ah, silk! Very smooth, soft, velvety… not quite cashmere (in my standards), but still an elegant choice of material.  If you’re purchasing an embellished silk scarf, though, be careful of tearing!
  • Cotton – The classic cotton! A thinner material, lightweight and breathable. This is the more common scarf material. It can get warm, but unless you have an allergy, an itchy neck should not be in your future. This material will wear but generally holds embellishments well.
  • Linen– This cloth fabric is extremely lightweight! This plant-like material is considered to be the most breathable fabric, promoted for its coolness.  But do consider the type of embellishment – sequins are generally safe; anything heavier, watch for tears.

Over all, my general rating? Go with 100% Jersey Cotton. If you want an embellished, playful scarf, be comfortable! Don’t forgo comfort for class…be unique without worrying about your accessories!

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