• Celeb Style: Blake Lively of Gossip Girl’s Scarf

    Celeb Style: Blake Lively of Gossip Girl’s Scarf
    Once again, our dear friend Blake is  flaunting her excellent style in front of the camera. The elegant ocean-blue scarf is a very cool contrast to her blond locks.  A true beauty, this one. Hard not to hate her. Now, I may not be a golden-haired girl, but that doesn’t mean I can’t flaunt this style all the same. However, my iteration will necessitate...
  • Travel Necessities: 3 Scarves You Need on Your Vacation

    If you follow our sister blog, you may already be familiar with our guest this week – the fabulous Gemma from Retro Chick, who writes about fashion with a vintage/retro twist. In this post she explains why it’s important to always leave room for scarves in your suitcase. With spring here and summer fast approaching, our minds turn to thoughts of vacations. Scarves are...
  • Celeb Style: Demi Lovato’s Scarf Style

    Celeb Style: Demi Lovato’s Scarf Style
    Literally spotted (I crack myself up), Disney Channel star Demi Lovato strutting her stuff in a chic leopard print wrap . (I’m telling you, the leopard is everywhere!) Whether draped long or looped around the neck, this haute look is easy to wear, and even more easy to afford  at $16.11. With spring just around the corner, our Leopard Print Wrap is perfect if you...
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