• Spring and Summer Scarves

    Spring and Summer Scarves
    Let’s give a big welcome to Ina from My Vogue, a fantastic website that reviews affordable clothing and gives you great tips for putting together that perfect outfit. In this post she gives us her take on wearing scarves in the warmer months – don’t worry, you don’t have to leave your favorite accessory behind! Have you always thought about scarves as winter accessories...
  • Wednesday Guest Post: Birdie in Vegas!

    Wednesday Guest Post: Birdie in Vegas!
    Happy Wednesday, everybody! As promised, Birdie from Bonne Vie is back to tell us about her adventures in Vegas with the Jessica Circle Scarf. Enjoy! Every February, my fiancé and I make a trip to Vegas to meet with friends, and to get away from the Pacific Northwest rain. Usually the respite is well needed since it’s generally rainy and around 50F here in...
  • Celeb Style: Get Lauren Conrad’s Look

    Celeb Style: Get Lauren Conrad’s Look
    Lauren is killing it cream and black leather combo. Here, she goes for an interesting juxtaposition of hard and soft, with her mix of tough-as-nails leather on bottom with soft and sheer touches on top. Love the look? Easy peasy. Check out these cream scarves and you’re half-way there. My personal choice for a recreation of this fashionista’s ensemble? The Kristina Classic Muffler is...
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