5 DIY Scarf Decorations — For Your Next Party!


Are you planning a fabulous late summer soiree complete with delicious food,  bubbling drinks, stimulating conversation, and gorgeous decor? As a Scarves Dot Net Gal, chances are you have the latter already hanging in your closet…

I’m talking about your scarves, of course!

Scarves are perfect for adding a punch of color, a splash of pattern, or a dusting of texture to your party decorations. And with so many hues and prints available, there’s sure to be a scarf to match your party.

Check out these five scarf decoration ideas:

1. Bunting


DIY Scarf Bunting is a fun way to add a splash of color to your decor. This decoration can fit any party theme you want: pastels for a baby shower, tropical flowers for a luau, or paisley for a hoedown. Hang the bunting above your spread of food, across a doorway, or even through some tree branches. To create this decoration for yourself, collect some square scarves, fold them into triangles, and tie them together! Voila!

2. Centerpieces


It doesn’t get much easier than tying a skinny scarf around a simple vase. This idea from Midwest Living makes a stunning centerpiece that takes seconds to create! Coordinate your flowers to the scarves to pull the whole look together.

3. Seat Cushions

Seat Cushions

We adore these scarf-covered seat cushions by Good Housekeeping. The paisley kerchiefs they used are perfect for a country party or a Fourth of July bash, but you could use any scarf to create the look you’re going for. Just take two scarves and sandwich a cushion between them. Tie the corners off with a rubber band and a ribbon. These are perfect for an outdoor get together!

4. Chair Covers

Chair Covers

Check out these adorable scarf chair covers by Kara Paslay Designs! For this, all you need to do is drape a long rectangle scarf over the back top rail and cross rail of a chair and knot it near the seat. This gives an instant and festive facelift to your everyday chairs! You could even let each guest take home the scarf at their chair.

5. Light Covers

Light Covers

Cast a romantic glow at your party by tacking a large scarf over a standard light fixture. Make sure the scarf hangs low enough that it doesn’t get too hot and scorch! Choose a color to match the mood of your party: pink for girly, magenta for romantic, or blue for casual cool! This idea comes from Better Homes and Gardens.

I hope this gives you some great ideas about how to repurpose scarves for your next party. Are there any creative ways you use scarves as home decor? Do share! ;)

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