Celeb Style: Ellen Page in Inception


Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Cillian Murphy all in one movie? This has to be a dream and after seeing the movie, Inception, I’m wondering if it is… This blockbuster has everything you could ever ask for: action, suspense, beautiful people, romance, a premise that will blow your mind and cause you to question your own reality, and oh yeah – scarves!

Ellen Page plays a college student who acts as a Dream Architect, constructing various levels of dreams (trust me, it’ll make sense once you see the film) all the while, donning an impressive collection of scarves. The look is simple, elegant, Parisian, and I know you want in on it.

One of Page’s costume changes includes a scarf I’ve been dreaming of since I saw the film. It’s subtle, classic, and classy. It’s a metallic square scarf. While I wouldn’t necessarily pair it with a striped top and tan pants, I would make it a staple piece in my wardrobe. And thanks to ScarvesDotNet, this dream can become a reality.

The Paisley Square Scarf is a gorgeous and affordable alternative to Ellen’s Inception look. The paisley print dazzles, not unlike a vampire in the sunlight. Oops… I’m getting my movie references mixed up. My bad. The rich purple background contrasts beautifully with the silver metallic stripes and tan pattern. It’s 100% cotton and therefore 100% comfortable.

With this scarf in your collection it will make getting ready in the morning a snap, providing you all the more time to ponder the themes of this film, and believe me, you’ll need it!

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