The Best Scarf Colors For You


You know which season you were born in and which season is your favorite, but do you know which season you are? Most people don’t, but through a process known as color analysis you can determine what season you are and thus what colors look best with your natural coloring.

Sounds great, right? Well instead of wasting more time, let’s get started!

Warm or Cool?
For this test you’ll need: a mirror, natural daylight, a white piece of paper and a no. 2 pencil (kidding).

All you need to do to determine if you’re warm or cool is stand in front of the mirror in natural lighting and place the piece of paper below your chin. Close your eyes for a couple seconds and then open them again.

When you opened your eyes did you notice the paper or your face first? If your face popped out at you first, you are considered cool. If you saw the paper first, you’re warm.

Warm – Spring or Autumn?
Now that you know you have warm undertones it’s time to figure out if you’re a spring or an autumn. To do this, we’re going to look at your hair color. If your hair color ranges from light blonde to a medium brown you’re a spring whereas if your hair is black, red or dark brown you’re considered an autumn.

Cool – Summer or Winter?
For you cool kids out there we’re going to follow the same process to determine if you’re a summer or winter. If your hair color ranges from light blonde to deep brown you’re a summer whereas if your hair is black, red, or dark brown you’re considered a winter.

Now that you know your season let’s find the best scarf colors for you! And while we’re at it, let’s check out the best sunglass frames for your skintone.

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