Celeb Style: Kim Kardashian


Whether she’s modeling, acting, or dancing with the stars, it’s undeniable that Kim Kardashian always looks good. She always seems to choose the right accessories (especially scarves) to complement an outfit. Our friends at KimKardashianWeb believe that “this demonstrates her interest and enthusiasm for fashion because every little thing down to the accessories seems like important and deciding element of what Kim chooses to wear… Kim’s fashion sense portrays the modern, fashion forward business woman and for the right occasion. She certainly embraces a glamorous aspect in her style, in an elegant and often striking way.” Women across America are constantly trying to copy her style but keeping up with the Kardashians isn’t an easy feat. Until now…

kim kardashian with leopard scarf

Meet the black Leopard Print Scarf from ScarvesDotNet. It’s fine, fresh, fierce, and if you look closely, maybe even familiar. That’s because Miss Kardashian herself has been spotted around town in a scarf that looks eerily similar.

Kim paired her leopard print scarf with a pair of oversized shades to complement her black-on-black ensemble. It sounds easy, almost too easy, and it certainly looks good. All you need is the perfect leopard print scarf and who knows, maybe it’ll be you who everyone is trying to keep up with.

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