DIY No-Sew Circle Scarf


I’ve always really liked the look of circle scarves, but I’ve never actually purchased one. So I thought it would be nice to try and make a DIY circle scarf from a regular scarf I already had.

For this simple DIY you need:
♥ 3 safety pins
♥ 1 scarf (I used this yellow scarf and I swear it is the softest scarf I’ve ever felt!)

 DIY No-Sew Circle Scarf


Step 1: First you need to fold your scarf in half and pin the ends together using the safety pins. I put one pin on both corners and a pin in the middle. You can put more on, but 3 was plenty for me.

DIY No-Sew Circle Scarf

Step 2: Next you need to flip the scarf inside out so that the safety pins are on the inside of the scarf. This is just so they do not stick out in the back.

Step 3: Put the scarf around your neck with the safety pinned section resting against your neck.

Step 4: Wrap your scarf around your neck a second time and you’re set. Be sure to check out our 12 creative ways to wear scarves and our 37 ways to tie scarves. :)

DIY No-Sew Circle Scarf




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