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From halter tops to galaxy scarves, the SDN gals can’t get enough of crafty, creative, and innovative ways to use (and reuse) our favorite accessory. That’s why we’re beyond thrilled to bring you our latest series: The Scarves Dot Net DIY Challenge.

Kelly of Studio DIY put a tropical twist on one of our infinity scarves to create a table runner that is luau-ready! See how she did it by following along with her tutorial below:

Kelly of Studio DIY put a tropical twist

This summer I have had quite an obsession with pineapple motifs. They are just so fun, funky, and perfect for the season, aren’t they? I thought this light and airy white scarf lent itself pretty well to a few colorful pops of pineapples for a modern, party-ready table runner. Don’t you agree? Let’s get started!

DIY Pineapple Table Runner Materials

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Jocelyn Double Layer Infinity Scarf
  • Felt in Various Colors
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Sewing Machine (Optional)

Jocelyn Double Layer Infinity Scarf Embroidery Floss

Step 1: Cut along the seam of the infinity scarf to make it one long piece. Trim the scarf to the length you desire, if necessary. Then, fold under the edge of each end twice (so the raw edge is hidden) and use your sewing machine (or a hand stitch) to stitch across it for a nice finished hem.

DIY Pineapple Table Runner Step 2a DIY Pineapple Table Runner Step 2b

Step 2. Now it’s time to cut out your cute pineapples! I made a pattern for the pineapple (just an oval with the top cut off) and the leaves out of paper and used that to cut out the felt. I used 12 pineapples on my runner, each one about 3″ tall.

DIY Pineapple Table Runner Step 3a DIY Pineapple Table Runner Step 3b

Step 3: Place a bit of glue on the bottom of each leaf piece and adhere it to the back of your pineapples. Let dry, then lay out your scarf and place the pineapples randomly until you have a pattern you like.

DIY Pineapple Table Runner Step 4a DIY Pineapple Table Runner Step 4b

Step 4: Grab your needle and embroidery floss and stitch each pineapple onto your scarf. To do this, I tied a knot in the end of my floss and made a small stitch in the upper two corners of the pineapple, and one on the bottom. I tied each off stitch with a small knot on the back of the scarf. I left the leaves loose to give it a little bit of texture, but feel free to stitch those down too in the same manner.

DIY Pineapple Table Runner Finish 1DIY Pineapple Table Runner Finish 2 DIY Pineapple Table Runner Finish 2 DIY Pineapple Table Runner Finish 4

And that’s a wrap! Now it’s time to throw a colorful party and put your runner to use! If you’d like to make a longer runner, you can simply stitch two (or more!) scarves together at the ends and make a few more pineapples to fanci-fy it with. Happy Summer!

Thanks again to Kelly of Studio DIY for keeping us in the summer spirit with this tropical table runner!

DIY Pineapple Table Runner Challenge

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