Elegance and Luxury of Silk Scarves


the silk scarf

The silk scarf. It has been worn by celebrities from Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn to Jessica Biel, Olivia Wilde and the Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton. Epitomizing the grace and sophistication of the wearer, a silk scarf has the power to turn you from grungy to gorgeous.

Fashionable yet timeless

fashionable yet timeless

Silk never goes out of style. Unlike other fabrics, this is one that has been a safe choice down the years. Wearing a silk scarf around your neck adds a touch of class and makes you look effortlessly elegant.

Work the silk look in the office

silk look in the office

Silk is a great choice to wear to work. Formal and sophisticated, silk scarves make you look like you’re in control. Create a great first impression with bosses, colleagues and prospective clients by adding a tasteful silk scarf to your business suit.

Anytime, anyplace

anytime anyplace

It doesn’t matter if its hot or cold, rainy or dry, you can safely take that silk scarf out whenever, wherever. Light and airy for summer and warm and luxurious for winter, silk transitions well across seasons. So you always turn up looking perfectly groomed.

Modernize a classic

modern classic

While silk scarves are not new on the block, you can update the kind of scarf you pick. Choose something with a monogram from a designer, or novelty prints, to make a mark. If you choose a flower power style dip-dye scarf then pair it with a well cut dress for your own style statement.


Don’t try too hard

dont try too hard

A silk scarf in a lovely print or bold color is a thing of beauty in itself. The weave of silk fabric makes the colors look more vibrant. You don’t have to try too hard to make it look good. Barring the obvious no-nos of clashing prints, you can wear your scarf almost any way you like. A simple side-knot or neck-tie style works well.

Know your fabric

know your fabric

You have myriad options when it comes to silk scarves. Pick from twill, crepe, chiffon silk, silk satin and habotai silk, among others. High quality silk twill doesn’t wrinkle, making it good for wearing to work. Silk crepe is good too, but heavier. Sheer chiffon silk is soft to touch and feels luxurious. Silk satin is rather shiny so is better worn for special occasions or in the evening. Artificial silk takes less care, is shinier and less expensive. Silk rayon blends are a popular choice, especially in vintage scarves.

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