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3c550012ac6c52b17c1f3470e32e25b0With winter weddings coming soon, there aren’t many dress options that wouldn’t be complete and comfortably warm without a scarf. Probably one of the best things about scarves is that you can incorporate them into absolutely any kind of look in a way that completely changes the look altogether.


An instant glam factor, the mere addition of a scarf can bring a sober suit to life in a funky classic knot, or add certain glam factor to a regular maxi dress with a drape scarf. Scarves are such a definitive design element that several brides use them to tie the entire color theme of their ceremony together.

Here are a few classy ways to integrate the ever versatile scarf into your wedding ensemble.

Go Vintage

Trending wedding style these days is the ever attractive and captivating style of the 50s and 60s. Vintage looks infused with modern takes on old school fashion glam make for fabulous fashion. Elegantly edgy, bring in a little color and pop to predominant neutral tones at weddings. A bold and bright colored silk scarf draped around the bride adds a bespoke stunning vintage style, or even draped over neutral solid silhouettes of the bridesmaids make striking impressions.image (7)

Anchor your Wedding Theme

Not only do scarves breathe fresh life into an outfit, but also neatly ties the entire look together. Especially at weddings, scarves can anchor the entire theme together. Unite your entire wedding parade to match décor by inviting guests alike to wear scarves in your specially chosen color. Make your day one to remember surrounded by shades that complement your bridal outfit and overall wedding theme. Sit pretty surrounded by your team of bridesmaids all synched up in matching scarves.bridesmaid scarves

Pashminas Rule

Neutral toned pashmina scarves complement wedding attire beautifully. Dressed elaborately as a head scarf or sublimely added as a drape on either the bride or her bridal party. Pashminas by texture and feel alone brings a wealth of class and subtlety to any wedding ensemble. Heighten your look in a cream pashmina that accents the beauty and glow of your classic swan white gown. Exude vibrancy of lavish luxury, the like of royal weddings, by merely adding a silk pashmina in soft hues like ivory, soft pink, white or cream. Neutral toned dresses and outfits paired with scarfs in the same tone create a stunning look that oozes high class fashion.image (8).

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